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Certified Personal Fitness Trainer   -   Fitness Nutrition Specialist   -   MMA Conditioning Specialist
Training throughout Northern New Jersey since 1997.
Serious about seeing RESULTS? 
As your personal trainer I'll ensure that you see things through & reach the goals that you're looking to achieve.  Training at home with a well qualified & well experienced personal trainer can help you to reach your goals safely and quickly.  Movie stars, celebrities, & pro-athletes work with personal trainers because it's important to their employment.  You can workout with a personal trainer right in your home & see that same level of success because it's important to you!
I deliver impressive results right to your doorstep.
You don't have to leave your house to get a great workout!
All the benifits of the GYM, 
in the comfort of your HOME.

  • Consultation 
- Discuss health history & establish fitness goals.
- Questions & answer, clarify expectations.
- Explore training options.

  • 7-Part Fitness Analysis (optional)Establish an appropriate starting point 
& a basis for tracking success:
measure strength in the:
- upper body
- lower body
- abdominals
measure aerobic endurance
electronic body fat analysis
measure weight
take before photos

  • Introductory Training Session
Try it out - commitment free!
What to expect from your first training session:

Lose Weight • Tone Up • Build Muscle 
Whatever your fitness goals are, working with the right trainer can help you to reach your goals in the shortest amount of time possible, while keeping your workouts safe & avoiding injury.

Some of the benefits of using a personal trainer include: 
Equipment Options

Don't have any exercise equipment & you're not interested in having any in your home:
No Problem, I'll provide everything you need for an intense workout.  I travel with an assortment of dumbbells, an exercise bench, resistance bands, a Swiss ball, a jump rope, an aerobic step, and more... certainly enough for a challenging workout regardless of your fitness level.   Although, at the very least, I would recommend having an exercise mat of your own 

You already have your own exercise equipment:
Great, I'll design your workout based on the equipment that you already own.  
If you're interested, I can also bring some stuff with me.

You're interested in purchasing your own equipment:
Based on your fitness goals & your budget, I can provide you with a list of recommendations...
or I can pick up everything that you'll need and provide you with the bill.

Fitness Consultant
I'm available for consultation in the planning stages of residential or commercial gym design.  Call me to help you design a workout space for your home, school, condo, office building, or anywhere else.  I'll work with you to decide what type of equipment would be best suited towards your fitness goals while making the best use of the space provided.

Answers to Common Questions
    I'd like to lose 10 pounds in 1 month.  Is that a reasonable weight loss goal?  
    How much weight can I reasonably expect to lose in a given time frame?   

    Are low carb / high protein diets effective for weight loss, or should I focus on a low fat diet?  
    What is the best ratio of carbs, protiens, and fats to help promote weight loss?

more to come...
E-mail me with your questions!

  • Constant support & motivation.
  • customized fitness program tailored to meet your specific goals, physical conditions, and limitations.
  • Confidence in knowing that each workout sessions is effective & brings you closer to your goals.
  • Assurance that you are using proper technique and that your form is being monitored to keep the workout safe.
  • Optimized results & minimized risks. 
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Call or text  973.479.6035
Call or text 973-479-6035 
for more info.
Workout at home,
train in the park, 
or meet at the gym...

you'll love 
the results!
Training Programs Available:
One-on-One Personal Fitness Training
Group Training 
Backyard Bootcamp      
Youth Training (ages 5 to 17)
Sport Specific Training
Pre & Post Natal Fitness Programs
Nutrition Counseling
Bridal Bootcamp
MMA Training Camp** new this summer!!
Six months from now
you could be
in the best shape of your life!
Fun, affordable, & effective personal training right in your home!
E-mail me for a link where you can view my rates.
In home personal training throughout Northern NJ.
In home personal training throughout Northern NJ.