Although some of the exercises are derived from military training, the class is very loosely structured 
& appropriate for all ability levels.
I maintain a supportive environment where novice participants train without intimidation, while advanced athletes are also challenged on their own level.
Fun, affordable, & effective personal training right in your home!
Here's what Health magazine is saying about
Fitness Boot Camps 
Fitness Boot Camp offers a number of rewards:
  • Enjoy a fun & invigorating outdoor workout
  • Meet new people with similar interests 
  • Break your routine with new challenges 
  • Improve cardiovascular conditioning
  • Boost your metabolism
  • Increase endurance
  • Develop flexibility
  • Build strength
  • Lose weight
  • Have fun!
Backyard Boot Camp!
Set up a private class for you & your friends!
Workout right in your backyard
or we can meet at a nearby park.
My Boot Camp Fitness Class offers 
a fun alternative to working out at the gym.
I'm NOT a drill sergeant, you're more likely 
to hear me cracking jokes than barking orders, 
but you'll definitely get a SERIOUS workout!

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Skip The Gym & Workout Outside!
On a beautiful day, you can't beat it!